Quirino Gasparini

About the composer
Quirino Gasparini was born in Gandino, near Bergamo, Italy, in October 1721. Though he became a priest, he also studied composition and cello. He traveled a lot, though not outside his country. He worked in Venice and Bologna, but eventually he settled in Turin where he became Maestro di cappella at the cathedral. He composed several operas, eleven masses, three requiems and other sacred works, but only his Stabat Mater was published during his lifetime. He died in Turin in 1778.

 About the Stabat Mater

Date 1770
Performers 2 Sopranos and orchestra
Length 29.23 minutes
Particulars The work is divided into 9 parts, the final Amen being treated as a separate part. The music is nice, though personally I like a bit more contrast between the soloists.
Textual variations The "Analecta"-version of the text is used, but with some variations.
- Stanza 4, line 2: Not "Et tremebat cum videbat" but "Pia Mater dum videbat"
- Stanza 5, line 2: Not "Christi Matrem" but "Matrem Christi"
- Stanza 16, line 2: Not "Passionis eius sortem" but "Passionis fac consortem"
- Stanza 13, line 1: Not "Fac me vere tecum flere" but "Fac me tecum, pie, flere"


CD information

CD Cypres Records CYP1639:  Stabat Mater - Abos - Tartini - Gasparini
About this CD The CD contains three Stabat Mater compositions from about 1760, which have in common that the almost the same soloist voices have been used.
It was recorded at the Abbaye Royale de Fontevraud, December 2002.
Orchestra Stradivarius
Conductor Daniel Cuiller
Soloists Isabelle Poulenard and Isabelle Desrochers, sopranos
Other works Giuseppe Tartini: Stabat Mater
Girolamo Abosi: Stabat Mater
Added GASP 01

E-mail: stabatmater@dds.nl

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