Alessandro Della Ciaia

About the composer
Alessandro Della Ciaia was a nobleman born in Siena, Italy, around 1605. He was not a professional musician, but composed music as an amateur. Nevertheless, he published three volumes of his compositions: a collection of madrigals, a collection of lamenti for voice and continuo and in 1666 the Sacri modulatus, from which comes his work Lamentatio Virginis in depositione Filii de cruce (Lament of the Virgin at the deposition from the cross of her son). Della Ciaia may not have been a professional, still he was an expert in polyphony as well as in writing for solo voice. He died around 1670.

 About the Stabat Mater

Date 1666
Performers Soprano, mixed chorus and continuo.
Length 17.04 minutes
Particulars The Lamentatio Virginis in depositione Filii de cruce is composed in the dialogue form. It opens by a duet in which the Historian tells us about the moment of the deposition from the cross. Then the solo voice (Mary) sings a lament, which is interrupted three times by a chorus of Angels, singing stanzas from the Stabat Mater poem. In the last part the Angels join Mary in her lament.
Textual variations Only three stanzas (3, 5 and 6) are sung as a kind of chorus. In stanza 3 the second line has been changed:
Not "fuit illa benedicta" but "lacrimatur benedicta".


CD information

CD Channel Classics CCS 17098: Love & Lament
About this CD The disc is a representation of a new development in Italian music, exploring the possibilities of the solo voice with the accompaniment of small ensembles, especially the dialogue form that could be regarded as a predecessor of the oratorio.
Recorded June 2001 in de Waalse Kerk, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
Choir Cappella Figuralis
Orchestra Cappella Figuralis
Conductor Jos van Veldhoven
Soloists Johanette Zomer, soprano
Other works Claudio Monteverdi: Lamento della Ninfa
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Johann Kapsberger: Toccata settima (theorbo solo)
Michelangelo Rossi: Settima Toccata (organ solo)
Giacomo Carissimi: Historia di Jephte
Added 2002 - CIA 01


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