List of other Stabat Maters composers


In CD-inserts, from other collectors and on Internet, but especially in the doctoral thesis of Jürgen Blume, I found information that other Stabat Maters may have been composed by the following 400+ composers. May 2001, I checked every name of the list by searching for it on the Internet. For many I found additional data, some I could not find at all. It appeared that some names that I had been given were not composers at all; sometimes the information supplied by the search engine had probably been misunderstood and the "composers" were musicologists writing about Stabat Maters, painters who painted a Stabat Mater or writers who wrote a book or a play called Stabat Mater. As I try to be as trustworthy as possible, I deleted all names on which I had no information whatever, and that I could not find on the Internet either. Nevertheless, I am sure that still names can be found on the list that should not be there. I apologize for that.

If you know if one of these has been released on CD, I would appreciate it very much if you would send this information to me. I can add it to my collection then and report about it on this site. Thank you very much!




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