Sulpitia Cesis

About the composer
Sulpitia Lodovica Cesis was born in 1577, probably in Modena, Italy. She was the daughter of a count, who gave her 300 gold pieces as a dowry when she entered the Augustinian convent of S.Geminiani in Modena in 1593. She is described as an excellent lute player. In 1619 a collection of motets by Sulpitia Cesis was published, Motetti Spirituali, containing 23 motets. The date of her death is not known, but probably after the year of this publication.

 About the Stabat Mater

Date Before 1619
Performers Four female soloists and orchestra.
Length 6.54 minutes
Particulars This Stabat Mater is actually a mixture of two works. One is the motet by Cesis, the other a gregorian chant which was in use by nuns from Bologna. The chant is sung alternately by solo voice and choir. The stanzas by Cesis are sung by four soloists with instrumental accompaniment.
Textual variations The "Analecta"-version of the text is followed, but only 8 stanza's are used. The Colorbar gives an impression how the chant is mixed with the Cesis composition.


CD information

CD Tactus TC 572801: Sulpitia Cesis - Motetti Spirituali
About this CD The CD was recorded in Bologna, Italy, in October 2001.
Orchestra Cappella Artemisia
Choir The "choir" singing the gregorian chant: Monica Piccinini, Gloria Moretti, Patricia Vaccari and Silvia Testoni
Soloists Singing the Cesis stanzas: Monica Piccinini, Silvia Testoni, Frida Forlani and Alessandra Fiori
Conductor Candace Smith
Other works The other 22 motets by Sulpitia Cesis



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